The Destiny Magi
emerging soon.
We are creating the Web3 version for magical spiritual seekers of all kinds.


what are we

We are a community for radical self-discovery, connection and synchronicity guided by the ancient lore of the destiny cards.

The basis of the destiny cards is the 52-card playing deck, which is the origin of modern tarot decks.

Members of the community can access minted NFTs based on their birth dates and are able to build their personal destiny spreads and use them to connect with other members of the Magi community.

Our intention is to build a growing spiritually oriented community in the metaverse that can bring life to their own archetypes revealed through the cards.


who we are

We are serial entrepreneurs, startup investors, and creatives who are astrologers, tarot readers, and crypto enthusiasts themselves.

We are in the earliest stages of idea building, and are assembling a team of artists and community members.

We call upon all witches, wizards, and crypto neophytes who are passionate about understanding the kismet energy of the universe.



We are all on a journey of growth and the people around us are bodies of energy influencing our path. The energy within and around us is defined by a destiny blueprint and life map that can be revealed through the cards from your birth date. No connection is coincidence.

The 52 playing card deck have encoded rules and meanings in the physical world. With this, we create a way to self-discover, world build, and connect with our spiritual selves in the metaverse to further understand the "why" in our path.

What does your destiny life map say about you?

And most importantly, why?

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